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How to Delete and Recover Photos and Video on your iPhone and iPad

Unnecessary pictures and videos can be easily deleted. To do this, just click the Trash icon. Learn also how you can restore photos if you were to delete them by accident.

Store only the photos you want

Hit the “Trash” icon after picking out the snaps and vids you wish to keep from your iPhone or iPad. Deleted photos will then be added to the “Recently Deleted”. They are stored there for approximately one month, and then permanently deleted.

To delete a photo, you may follow these simple steps:

1. Open “Photos” album
2. Pick the photo or video you want to delete
3. Tap “Trash” icon and then “Delete the photo”

Talking about recovering of photos, an accidentally deleted photo can be restored within 30 days from the album “Recently Deleted”. When you restore photos and videos, they are placed in the album “All Photos”.

These steps will help you to reach your point:

1. Open “Photos” and then go to the “Albums” tab
2. Open the “Recently Deleted” album and click “Select”
3. Tap on each snap or motion picture you wish to leave
4. Click “Restore” and confirm that this is the media you wish to keep.

How to Factory Reset an iPhone or iPad

You should return the factory settings in several cases: if the device has some bugs, doesn’t turn on or you are going to sell it. When you restore the factory settings, the data and settings on the iPhone, iPad or iPod device are deleted and the latest version of iOS or iPod software is installed.

How to reset iPhone or iPad through the settings menu

This method is suitable when the device is running and you can unlock its screen. Reset through the settings menu is performed to erase from the iPhone or iPad all personal data before selling. Or to restore the normal operation of the device, when it continues to slow down even after a restart.

The first thing you need to do is to back up your iPhone or iPad following these steps:

1. Make sure your back up is ready. You can use iCloud or iTunes to back up your phone.
2. To bake up for iCloud click “Settings”, go to “iCloud” and tap “Backup”.
3. If you want to use iTunes to back up your device, you need to connect iPhone or iPad to your computer or Mac with the help of charging cable.

Now everything is ready for factory resetting of your device. Perform these next steps:

1. To reset your iPhone or iPad, you need to go to Settings, then click General, finally pick Reset and tap Erase all content and settings.
2. Enter your Apple ID in order to confirm your action.

How to set a Live Photo as your iPhone X Wallpaper

Apple provides a variety of wallpapers for your iPhone X, which will make it more attractive and appealing. But what if you set your own photo as a live wallpaper? How it would be awesome to enjoy animated pics with your beloved person or your precious pet on the lock screen. With Live Photo, it will be no more than a hiccup!

Make your photos come to life

Live Photo – a software function in iOS (camera application), which allows you to receive animated photos on the iPhone. Take photos that come to life when you touch them. Then you can select another key photo, add a delightful effect, edit the picture of  Live Photo and share it with friends and family.

Here’s how to set Live Photos

It’s extremely easy. The first thing you need to do is open your settings. In the Settings section, scroll down and tap Wallpapers. Then choose Select New Wallpaper. After that, choose your favorite Live Photo clicking Choose a New Wallpaper. Then the screen with your Camera Roll will appear. Select the Live Photos option from your Camera Roll and just tap Set after your choice will be made. Enjoy unexpected results of your photo’s transformation!

How to Record iPhone Calls

From time to time you need to record your phone calls in order to save them for further listening. It is worth noting that recording a conversation without the knowledge of the interlocutor is illegal, as well as store distribute it. Therefore, before recording, make sure that both sides are aware of this. The ability to record Apple iPhone calls has appeared yet the fourth generation of devices – starting with the iPhone 4S. There are several ways to do this: 1. Google Voice; 2. iPhone apps (Call Recording, IntCall, TapeACall Pro).

Google Voice – one of these “simple solutions”

This application is completely free but requires a Google-account.

  1. Vist Google Voice‘s homepage;
  2. Click on the three-dot icon located on the upper left-hand menu and click on Settings;
  3. In the Calls section, make sure the Incoming call options are turned on.
  4. You can now start recording the call when hitting the number “4” during a conversation.

When it comes to recording both incoming and outgoing calls, you’ll need to use something other than Google Voice.   

TapeACall allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls

TapeACall allows you to record the current calls or calls that you are about to make. If you receive a call, just simply open TapeACall and tap “Record”. The app will dial TapeACall access number and start recording as soon as TapeACall answers the call. Simply merge the calls, and your conversation will be recorded.

Call Recorder from Telestar allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls not only within the country but also conversations with callers from other countries.

Incoming call:

  1. Open Call Recorder
  2. Go to the Record screen and tap “Record”
  3. Your existing call is put on hold and your phone will dial a recording number
  4. After connecting to recording number, tap “Merge” to create a 3-way call between your existing call and a recording line.

Outgoing call:

  1. Open Call Recorder
  2. Go to the Record screen and tap “Record”
  3. Your phone will dial a recording number
  4. After connecting to recording number, tap “Add call” to call your desired contact.
  5. Tap “Merge” to create a 3-way call between your existing call and a recording line.

IntCall allows you to hide your number

The main advantage of IntCall is its ability to hide its number. In addition, you will always see the prices for calls abroad.

– Outgoing call: IntCall is very easy to use – just call the application and the conversation will be recorded.
– Incoming call: During a phone call, open the Call Recorder application and click the Record button. Then the application will call your phone, and you must answer and merge the calls.
– Recorded calls are displayed on the Recording tab

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