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How to Delete and Recover Photos and Video on your iPhone and iPad

Unnecessary pictures and videos can be easily deleted. To do this, just click the Trash icon. Learn also how you can restore photos if you were to delete them by accident. Store only the photos you want Hit the “Trash” icon after picking out the snaps and vids you wish to keep from your iPhone or iPad. Deleted […]

How to Factory Reset an iPhone or iPad

How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

You should return the factory settings in several cases: if the device has some bugs, doesn’t turn on or you are going to sell it. When you restore the factory settings, the data and settings on the iPhone, iPad or iPod device are deleted and the latest version of iOS or iPod software is installed. […]

How to set a Live Photo as your iPhone X Wallpaper

Apple provides a variety of wallpapers for your iPhone X, which will make it more attractive and appealing. But what if you set your own photo as a live wallpaper? How it would be awesome to enjoy animated pics with your beloved person or your precious pet on the lock screen. With Live Photo, it […]

How to Record iPhone Calls

From time to time you need to record your phone calls in order to save them for further listening. It is worth noting that recording a conversation without the knowledge of the interlocutor is illegal, as well as store distribute it. Therefore, before recording, make sure that both sides are aware of this. The ability […]