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Following the idea’s approval, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The post must be at least 1000 words long, but not excessively so.
  • The standard of spelling and grammar should be acceptable. If you’re considering writing a guest article, make sure to edit it first.
  • It would also be greatly appreciated if you could assist with responding to comments and promoting the post on social media. That is entirely up to you, but it would aid in the success of the post.

We have all rights to modify and edit your content. On our website, we will not publish any content that is of poor quality.

Make a biographical statement about yourself

Each of your posts on Tech World Times will have a biographical note linked to it.

  • In a 200-character bio, explain to the reader what you do and why you’re significant.
  • Share your LinkedIn and other social media profiles with us. Thanks for your time (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc).
  • Let us know the name of your personal website or the name of your company, as well as your position and URL.
  • Send us a picture of yourself in a business suit.

What Happens If Your Guest Post Is Rejected?

Only posts that we consider are a suitable fit for Cellularize will be accepted. We will only deny your work if we determine that a piece is not a good match for the blog for whatever reason. If this happens, we advocate repurposing it for the next site; many tech blogs welcome guest pieces, however finding others who will pay you to “write for us” may be challenging.

We will explain why your submission was rejected if it is. You can discuss with our staff what types of ideas would be a better fit.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you have to offer!

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